Legendary Explorers

Off to the "Deep Keep"!
Oowe 27-28, 243E2

As our heroes began their journey to Montoor Dewr, all for different reasons, they arrived peculiarly at about the same time. Of course, each trek would not be simple. Just before they met, they all ran into some bit of trouble after a faint glow came from each of their packs. Link encountered a wolf, that he lit on fire. Kren discovered that her greataxe was capable of some sort of magic, sending a black bear barreling away some 70 feet and slamming into a wall. Molag attempted to throw a giant wolf spider off of a cliff face, but he himself was flung. The charismatic Donga was greeted by a giant badger ready to attack. Donga managed to take his chances and burn both of his spell slots to befriend this badger, and luck seemed to be on his side. He befriended the giant badger and called him “”/characters/sparky" class=“wiki-content-link”>Sparky".

When they all went after their adversaries, they met, mid-battle in a large yard right in front of the Deep Keep. While finishing up their personal fights, they were all attacked by a massive brown bear. Link, Kren, and Sparky all dealt some major damage, while Donga and Molag finished it off. Despite the luck Donga had that day, Molag definitely did not. The bear corpse, now on fire, fell on top of him and it took all of their strength to get it off.

After a few introductions, they decided to explore Montoor Dewr together. After spending nearly an hour attempting to enter a rather simply magically locked door, they decided to get a good nights rest before exploring the deeper parts of the keep. When Link woke up early, he set out to explore and couldn’t exit the room on his own. The giant metal doors and the never ending spiral staircase kept him at bay. As the others awoke, they worked together to explore the other rooms before trying to unravel the mystery of the spiral staircase.

The left wing of the keep held some sort of very dark secret. After laboriously breaking into a heavily locked trapdoor, the sound and feeling that came out of it sent most of them running in fear. After realizing that was a bad idea, they closed it up and continued exploring. They found some minor loot and decided to tackle the massive spiral staircase.

Once they realized that, yet again, they all four needed to traverse the staircase, they made it up quite quickly. After quickly figuring out the puzzle to another locked gate they ascended to the roof to discover an overwhelmingly massive owl statue. They statue began moving and soon it became apparent that it was alive. He spoke to our heroes, calling them by name and affirming their personalities.

Monden, as he made himself known, told them that he gathered them together because they had potential, and he wanted them to grow together in order to defeat what he called the Docrens. Though the name is very unfamiliar, that was all he had to give them. Well, aside from some helpful potions. As they were leaving, he said that he hoped they were ready for the test.

Nervously, the group descended from the tower to discover the main floor was completely rearranged. There were several rooms set up, each looked like some sort of different kind of test.


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